Important information

4 SUMMER NIGHT DOG SHOWS — Split, Croatia 27th till 30th July, 2017


Please read the enclosed information before coming to the shows. We feel certain that the following information will make your dog show attendance easier and more enjoyable. It is our hope that both you and the visitors will have a pleasant and enjoyable time.

VERY IMPORTANT: Paid entries can be collected at the Show Office every show day from 17:00 to 20:00 hours. Unpaid entries can be paid and collected in the same period and also on Wednesday, 26th of July from 21:00 till 23:00 and on Thursday, 27th of July from as early as 16:00 hours. Paid and unpaid entries are separate clearly marked! The shows will be held at „Stari Plac“ stadium in the city center, adress Zrinsko Frankopanska 17. The entrance to the show ground is from Antun Gustav Matos street.


Any changes in judges will be published on the official website. Entry fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances, regardless of the circumstances! In accordance with the FCI regulations, the class the dog has been entered in may not be changed after the official entry closing date, July 1st. Also after this date the entry of any dog can`t be cancelled. In accordance with the FCI regulations, you are obliged to pay the entry fee whether the dog is present or absent.

N.B! During July we are expecting very high temperatures in Split area. Dogs must not be kept in hot cars/campers/caravans. In such event, dogs can be taken into custody with the help from the police. Take care of your dog! Remember that it can get extremely hot for a dog in a cage. Don’t leave your dog unsupervised!


All participating dogs must pass a vaccination check. This examination will be performed each day between 16:00 and 19:00 hours in the Show office. We’d like to remind you that an exhibitor is responsible for making sure that a participating dog has received all of its prescribed vaccinations.


Unloading area: Exhibitors with a lot of dogs and stuff will be allowed to the showground with their vehicle each show day from 16:00 hours. Maximum stay at the showground with the car is 10 minutes. While unloading you need to leave the car keys to the official person. After unloading all the cars, buses and campers will be directed to the huge free parking place which is about 10 minutes drive from the show ground and from there will be brought back and later on taken back to the parking by the specially organized and free buses. The buses will be driving every day from 16:00 till 02:00 and the dogs are allowed in the buses.


NEW: If you want to leave your tents and cages on the show ground you can do it also on Wednesday, July 26th from 21:00 till 23:00 hours. Before that time the showground will be locked.


Grooming area: There will be a clearly marked grooming area with electricity access (230 V) at the show grounds. Extension leads are not provided. The show ground plan with all the details will be published on our web site.

Entrance fees: Adults: 15,00 Croatian kunas / 2 EUROS / Children below the age of 10: free admittance


IMPORTANT! You must clean up after your dog if an ”accident” outside of the marked toilet area happens at the showground.


Parking: A limited number of parking places with payment are available near the showground. Plan of all parking places including the free one can be found on the map on our website.


Water: Drinking water will be available at the showground at several locations.


The judges are expected to go through approximately 20–25 dogs per hour. Use this as a rough guideline when estimating what time your dog should be in the ring. IMPORTANT: During the first three days of the summer shows the judging will be done with the written critiques and on Sunday without it. The responsibility of being at the show plenty of time before the dog is expected to be judged lies solely upon the exhibitor. Be at the show well in advance — please take queues at the veterinary control station and the car park into consideration.


Finally, we would like to wish you a pleasant and enjoyable exhibition day!

If you have any comments or questions, we would be most grateful if you conveyed them to us. We promise to try our very best to meet your wishes.