Curriculum Vitae

I was born in 1982, in the town of Uzice in western Serbia. I graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University in Belgrade. I am active in the dog world since 2002. I am an FCI judge since 2007. Licensed to judge all breeds from the FCI groups I, II, III, V, VI and X. From 2006 till 2012 I was the President of the Student Kennel section at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a moderator on the courses for cynological trainees.

I was the founder of the Centre for preservation of indigenous breeds (CEPIB – and executive director of the same, since 2011. Director and founder of the Cynology Academy ( from 2013, and a course instructor for cynological trainees, handlers, pet sitters and dog walkers. At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade, I am the visiting lecturer in the field of hunting cynology.

I am the author of two cynology-books published in Serbia  – “Dog exterior – basis of evaluation“ and “The Encyclopaedia of purebred dog“. I was also the editor of two books on FCI standards in Serbian language, published by the Kennel Club of Serbia. Author of the “Manual for the responsible dog owner”, published in 2015.  Author and co-author of over 70 scientific articles in the field of cynology and veterinary medicine.

So far, I participated in the preparation of five zoo technical studies for the standardization of indigenous dog breeds in Turkey and Bulgaria. Since 2011, I am an expert advisor for the magazine ZOV, the oldest cinology magazine in Serbia. So far, over 140 different dog breeds have been presented in the magazine in my articles.

I am the member of the Serbian Veterinary Society, and honorary president of the Kennel Club “Midze” from Pozega in Serbia. I was the vice president of the Serbian National Club of Dogue de Bordeaux from 2012 till 2014. I am a member of the Breeding Commission in the English Mastiff Club of Serbia since 2013. So far, I judged in over 14 European countries and in South America at the international, national and specialty shows.




I am an artist and a visual arts teacher in an art high school. Most of my paintings and drawings represent dogs and horses.

I used to breed Dachshunds, but now, unfortunately, I do not have enough time and space, but I will always have at least one .Cannot imagine my life without them!

I have been a member of the Romanian Kennel Club since 1976. I started judging in 1983. For many years I judged only FCI groups 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Then, little by little, the other groups, too. Thirty years after, I thought that maybe the time has come to take on a big responsibility to become an all-rounder judge. So, since 2011 I have been an all-rounder.

I have judged in a lot of countries: Finland, France, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Denmark, Russia, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Philippines, Germany, Austria, Australia, etc. I speak English, French and Italian.

I love all dogs and I wish they all could have great owners and receive the proper respect we owe them.

Concerning the judging, for me it is a kind of art, because you have to work with the proportions, the beauty, the brain and the heart, without forgetting the balance between them, being able to look for and see the beauty as close to the perfection.




Studying in the UK for nine years afforded Gopi the opportunity to attend dog shows every weekend and the many hours spent ringside, showing, visiting top kennels and breeders helped foster Gopi’s love and interest in the Dachshund. Together with his brother Robbie, the HACIENDA prefix was registered in 1994 and their first litter was registered in 1999. In 2008, Gopi married Christine and since then she has also been part of the Hacienda prefix. Focused on getting the best lines, they have imported dogs from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Finland and South Africa.

Hacienda have successfully owned, co-owned, campaigned (owner exhibited) and titled 150 Champions in Std. Smooth, Std. Longhaired and Min. Longhaired Dachshunds, English Setters and English Cocker Spaniels. Of the 150 Champions, 106 are proudly homebred HACIENDA Champions, both locally and overseas, in Australia, England, Ireland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, with others on track to their titles in various other countries around the globe. Several of these homebred Champions are proudly Multiple All Breeds Best in Show Winners overseas and Grand champions.

Professionally, Gopi is involved in the IT line and is the CEO of a global IT Services company headquartered in Malaysia. Gopi’s love of animals and his interest in the promotion of responsible pet ownership has led to his involvement with PAWS Animal Welfare Society, which he served as in the capacity of President for 6 years and which he currently serves as Secretary. Gopi has also served on the Malaysian Kennel Association’s (MKA) Board for several terms and is currently the President. Gopi also serves on the FCI Asia & Pacific Section Board as Treasurer.

Gopi joined the MKA judges training scheme in the 1990s and since then he has had the privilege to judge in Malaysia, the Philippines, UK, India, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Norway, South Africa, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Gopi is an MKA & FCI licensed International All Breeds judge.




I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1964. I grew up in a doggy family. Bred or owned different breeds like Lowchen, Puli, Lakeland Terrier, Sealyham Terrier, Great Dane, Italian Greyhound, Borzoi, American Cocker, Boston Terrier. Bred and made up many champions, top dogs and BIS winners in different breeds. I served the board of directors of the Greek Kennel Club, as General Secretary and Vice President for many years. I was President of the Judges Committee. I am also responsible in the committee for the Greek national breeds. Now I am breeding Kokoni and Molossos of Ipirous, plus many farm animals for the reason of genetic preservation. I have judged in many countries around the world. Looking forward to my visit again to the beautiful country CROATIA!!




A medical doctor by profession and an all-rounder FCI judge since 2001. I have been licensed to judge for Real Sociedad Canina de Espana since 2010.

I have been a breeder of Rough Collies, Yorkshire Terriers and Pomeranians, and, for more than sixteen years, I have specialised in breeding Maltese and Chihuahuas.

Currently at home I have Chihuahuas and a Pekingese.

I was judging at national and international shows, including specialities in many countries, such as: Venezuela, Colombia, México, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Estonia, Indonesia, Israel, The Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Russia, Australia, Norway, Hungary, Hong Kong, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, Ireland, France, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Japan, China, Chile, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I have judged specialty shows for the following breeds, also in many countries: Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahuas, Neapolitan Mastiff, American Staffordshire Terrier, Toy Group, Terrier Group, Poodles, Schnauzers, FCI group 9, Pugs, Chinese Crested dog, French Bulldog, Spitz, Sight Hounds, Pomeranian, Schipperke.



FRANK KANE showed his first dog, a Cocker Spaniel as a schoolboy, and he has been involved in the dog world ever since. Whilst at University he co-owned and handled two Sealyham Terriers to their titles. In 1970, he obtained two American Cocker Spaniel bitches as a foundation for his HIRONTOWER kennel. One of these bitches became a champion and both produced champions. 13 UK Champions were produced with others overseas. The Cockers have also remained a permanent favourite and CCs were won with these also. Frank has also been heavily involved in Dachshunds, Afghans and Great Danes and has handled champions in all of those breeds.

First awarding challenge certificates in the UK in 1974, Frank is now approved to award CCs in 110 breeds and judges all groups and Best in Show in the UK and has judged all groups and Best in Show under FCI rules. He judged Best in Show at Crufts in 2012.

Frank is a member of the Kennel Club Board of Directors and Chairman of the Breed Standards Committee. He is also chairman of one of the Dog Health groups.

Frank is author of several books on dogs and his book ”Judging the Gundog Breeds” is much acclaimed worldwide. Outside his canine interests Frank is a keen horseman and has judged at some prestigious shows in the UK.


He was born in 1963 and has been living all his life near Zagreb – the centre of dog world in Croatia. Being an addict to active and sport life, he started his kennel IGGY BOX in 1987. He chose Boxers for “his” breed as he was particularly interested in working dogs. In almost twenty years of active breeding and working with dogs he has bred more than 50 litters and raised numerous champions in beauty and work. During this time he also owned or co-owned many world-known Boxers who were winning the top awards.
He became a dog show judge in 1992. Starting with Molossoid breeds and adding Shepherds, in December 2003 he became an all round judge. He is also a Boxer judge specialist recognized by ATIBOX (World Boxer association), Rottweiler judge specialist and Rhodesian Ridgeback judge specialist recognized by Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Zagreb – Croatia.

During his judging career he judged at the most important all breeds championship shows and specialties all over the world: in Italy, Belgium, Israel, Russia, Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Malta, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Moldavia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Brazil, Argentina, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Republic of Korea and Australia.

He also judged European dog show in Helsinki 2006, World dog show in Poznan – Poland 2006, Eurodog show 2008 in Budapest (Boxers), World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark (Boxers), World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg, Russia show 2006 and Eurasia show 2007 and 2012 in Moscow.
He has performed various functions in the Croatian Kennel Club, being active in numerous Committees. Has was the General Secretary from 1996 till 2004, and from 2004 till 2007 he was a vice President of the Croatian Kennel Club. He was an active member of the organizing committee for more than 100 shows in Croatia. Between 2005 and 2007 he was the member of FCI Judges Committee.

He is a graphic designer by profession. He is the author of seven books about dogs. For more than five years he was the publisher of a monthly dog magazine: ‘Naši psi – bez granica’, the only such magazine on the market in Croatia in that time. Besides being the publisher and the editor, he was also engaged as a photo reporter.



Jadranka Smojver Selimović has always been a Collie person. She got her first Collie in 1979, and has been breeding them since 1984 under the Arsiada prefix. Over the years, she imported dogs from the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany and Czech Republic. During these years she bred numerous Champions world wide. She is also involved in Boxers, the breed which her husband has been successfully breeding for more than 20 years.

Jadranka became a Collie judge in 1992, and has since then added a large number of breeds. From November of 2011, she is an FCI all round judge.

She is a founding member and the first President of the Collie Club in Croatia. At the moment she is the President of the local canine club in Samobor, one of the biggest in Croatia.

She enjoys the process of learning about the various dog breeds and feels that this makes her more competent to make good breeding decisions in her own breed. She judged in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Germany, and judged at the European Dog Show 2007 in Zagreb.



Before the Scottish and Dandie Dinmont Terriers came, Monique Van Brempt, since her childhood, was fancied and surrounded by her loving dogs: Belgian Shepherds, Dachshunds, German Shepherds and Rough Collies.

Monique started seriously breeding and showing Scottish Terriers in 1973. Later the Dandie Dinmont Terriers joined the doggie-family.

Under her kennel name “Limecourt” Monique registered and bred many high quality offspring of Scottish and Dandie Dinmont Terriers, who were later on entitled with European, National, International and World Champion titles and also winning the groups and several prestigious Bests in Shows.

Mrs Monique Van Brempt’s judging career started in 1980 and since then she has been judging worldwide and until now her judging appointments took her to 69 different countries on the 6 continents. In one year many dogs pass through her hands.

Besides being asked frequently for all breeds judging appointments at the National and International dog shows all over the world, she had a privilege of judging some of the world´s most prestigious shows like World Dog shows in 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and also was judging at the World dog show 2016 in Moscow! She judged at many big shows in all the European and East European countries. She also judged at the Champion of Champions contests in England, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and 3 times Golden Collar CH of CH in Russia. Recently she was judging CH of CH in Australia – Brisbane and next year she is judging CH of CH show in Slovenia. She has regularly been invited from the Russian Kennel Club to judge at the biggest Eurasia show, 12 shows in Saint Petersburg and several other shows all over Russia, Siberia and Ukraine.

Beside many appointments in Israel and Cruft’s – England, many of her invitations are taking her often to the 4 Scandinavian countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Talking about the other end of the globe, she enjoyed judging in the USA – Malibu, the Australian Melbourne Royal show, also in Brisbane, Sydney, Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka and had beautiful dog related experiences in Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, The Azores, Mongolia, Columbia, Chile, Kenya, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, the Philippines, South Africa, etc.

As an active member in many Clubs, Monique has been the Chairman of “THE ROYAL BELGIAN TERRIER CLUB” since 1987, and a Vice-Chairman since 1983.

Among her tasks as being a show-manager of many successful Belgian Top Terrier shows, Monique was the editor of the Club´s Magazine for many years.

She created the Scottish Terrier club of Belgium.

In 1998 Monique became President of:

“INTERRA – International and world Association of All Terrier-Clubs (FCI)”.

In this association Monique organizes symposiums about the Terrier breeds and she is involved in various activities.

So far 23 countries are members of “The International Association of All Terrier-Clubs (FCI)”. With her team she created the Asian Interra section and the Interra section of the Americas.

Monique Van Brempt’s passion and devotion to dogdom keeps her very busy…

And her own statement explains it all: ‘I enjoy judging dogs, dogs love me and I love dogs.’


Born in Lisbon in 1955, Luis Catalan was involved with English and American Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Dobermanns and Whippets. He is currently a Vice-President of the Board of the Clube Português de Canicultura (CPC), President of the CPC Show Committee, Member and Vice President of the FCI Show Committee and President of the Portuguese Spaniel Club.

International All Breeds Judge, he has officiated at Championship Dog Shows in the majority of the European countries. He has also judged in Australia, Asia, Canada, South America, USA and World and Section Shows.

As a speciality Judge (including national Specialities) he has been invited to judge and give lectures in judge`s seminars on the following breeds: Portuguese Breeds, Basset Hounds, Dobermanns, All Gundogs and Sighthounds in several European and American countries.

He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.


I have been involved with dogs since my childhood. My first breed were Great Danes, then came Chow Chows. But my real passion have become English Bulldogs. Breeding them I have come through all the joys and difficulties of a breeder’s life. I have been occupied with the breed for more than 30 years and during this time in my kennel ‘Love April’ – although not so big – dogs were born which took part in the most prestigious shows of the world and Europe, they have obtained the highest titles – World and European Champions.
A few years ago I moved to Slovenia and now, together with my husband, Štefan Šinko, I keep on doing the same job as a co-owner in our kennel ‘Jubilee’.

At the moment, we have a few dogs of another breed – Chihuahua – living in our kennel as well. We imported few dogs from Mexico of very high quality who have just started their show careers and gained their first titles.

As a logical continuation of breeding dogs, I became an FCI judge nearly 30 years ago. Since then I have been judging a lot, learning about new breeds. I’m always interested in what other people breed and judging gives me the unique experience to share my infatuation with dogs with other dog lovers.


I have been involved with dogs for many years. My father bred Smooth Fox Terriers and I was from a tender age involved in and with dogs. My first show dog in 1968, an Afghan, arrived on the advice from a friend. She was a very difficult dog and I couldn’t cope with her. I decided then to go into Whippets which was my real introduction into the dog show world. I bred Whippets very successfully for 14 years. In the meantime was given three Salukis and that breed has been my main interest for 25 years. My interest also digressed into other breeds such as English Cockers, Standard Poodles, Dobermans, Basenjis and presently French Bulldogs. I’ve been judging since 1972 and became an All Breeds Judge in 1984. My first international appointment came in 1993 when I was invited to judge in Finland. I have been fortunate to judge abroad extensively since. For example, in Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark (including World Show 2010), Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania for the past 22 years, with many future International appointments in Europe and Eastern Europe till 2018.


I am 60 years of age and have been involved in show dogs for the past 36 years. I grew up with dogs as my father had gundogs on the family farm.

The breeds that I have been involved in and made up champions are: Old English Sheepdogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Japanese Spitz and Tibetan Spaniels.

Under Irish Kennel Club rules I am now qualified as an All Breeds Judge.

I am also a Best in Show Judge and have had this honour in Ireland, Denmark, Italy, France, Norway, Japan, Columbia, Malaysia, Sweden, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Canada and China.

I have judged Pup of the Year Competition in Ireland in 1997 and 2007, Dog of the Year in Denmark in 1998 and Show Dog of the Year in Sweden in 2001 and Champion of Champions in Prague. In 2017 I will judge Champion of Champions in Estonia.

I have judged in most European countries and further afield in Argentina, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Columbia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and Thailand.

In 2008 I had a great honour of judging Tibetan Spaniels at the World Dog Show in Sweden.

With regards to Old English Sheepdogs I have judged the Breed Speciality Shows in Ireland, Finland, Germany and Denmark. I have also judged this breed in many countries.

In respect of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I first judged the breed in Ireland in 1983 and also over the years in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Holland, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Columbia, France, Estonia, Lithuania, Canada, Italy and Spain.

My most exciting appointment was in France, in 2012, when I was one of six judges for the Cavalier Speciality with an entry of over 600 Cavaliers. I have also judged Breeds Specialities in Sweden and in June of 2015, I judged the Speciality in Los Angeles.

In September 2015 I judged CC’s under English Kennel club rules at Belfast Championship Show.

In respect of Japanese Spitz, I judged the Breed Speciality in May 2012 in Sweden, in 2013 The Breed Speciality in Finland and The Norwegian Japanese Spitz Speciality in 2014. In August of this year, I will judge the Speciality in Sydney, Australia.

In respect of Bernese Mountain Dogs, I have judged Breed Specialities in Ireland, Argentina, New Zealand and Canada.

In 2018, I am one of the 3 judges who will judge The National in America. This is a very big honour for a European judge as was voted by the members.

I have been involved in Show Dogs since 1977 when Michael Forte and I bought an Old English Sheepdog from Stella Harte.

We quickly caught the show bug and within 2 years we were showing the Old English Sheepdogs and Cavaliers. We set up the Kennel Prefix Leonfort and we quickly became known in Cavaliers as we won Best of Breed under Pamela Cross Stern with a ten month old puppy Ch Ronnoc Vicenzo at his first St Patricks Day Show (The Irish Crufts), in 1980. He won again the following year under Russell Roberts. Ch Ronnoc Vicenzo was the top stud dog in the breed for 6 years in a row.

We made up 2 other Champions Ch Leonfort Vicenzo and Ch Vandyck Jester of Leonfort who both had wonderful show careers.

I was a committee member of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Ireland for approximately 10 years from 1980.

In Old English Sheepdogs we made up one champion and bred 2 litters. I was the secretary of the club for 4 years and the IKC Representative.

In Bernese Mountain Dogs we made up champions and bred litters. We had the breed recognized with the IKC in 1979 and set up the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ireland. I served as Secretary/Treasurer, and in 2007, had the honour to be the Judge for their 25th Anniversary show.

In Japanese Spitz I had the breed recognized in the IKC with Stella Harte and Michael Forte in 1983, and owned the first champion to be made up which was bred by Stella Harte. We set up the Japanese Spitz Club of Ireland and I served as Secretary, Treasurer and IKC Representative.

In Tibetan Spaniels I made up champions and bred litters and served as Chairman for over 10 years. I had the honour of judging the breed at the World Show in Sweden in 2008, as one of the only 2 Irish Judges at this show.


Judging since 1988, have judged multiple championship specialties and all-breeds shows on all five continents, including: Sydney’s Spring Fair & Melbourne’s Sunbury, and General Specials at Ladies K. Ass., Perth’s Summer Classic & Canberra’s Royal (Australia); BIS at Japan Kennel Club International all-breed show (Kinki block); Johannesburg’s ‘Dog of the Year’ and ‘KUSA Classic 2008’ (South Africa); Ladies Kennel Association of America (New York), Belleville & Springfield (Illinois); Santa Clara Valley, Riverside, Angeles Canyon, Orange Empire, Sacramento & North Cal Terrier Ass (California); Waukesha & Burlington (Wisconsin), Lewisburg (West Virginia), and Tucson (Arizona), USA; Leon (Spain); Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Uruguay & Venezuela. Also judged at Hatboro, Devon & Montgomery 2010; and the World Shows in Argentina 2005, judged Smooth Fox Terriers & American Staffordshire Terriers; Poland 2006, judged American Cocker Spaniel (females), Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzers (males) and Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds (females); Sweden 2008, judged Airedale Terriers & Argentine Dogos, among other breeds; and Russia 2016, judged Basenjies, Welsh Corgi Pembrokes & Miniature Poodles.

All breed professional handler from 1974 to 1985, winning #l dog all breeds 6 times.

Was proclaimed Handler of the year for 1976 in the Argentine magazine ‘World of Dogs’.

Former President of the Schnauzer Club of Argentina (1995-2014), and a former Director of Airedale Terrier Club of Argentina, American Cocker Club of Argentina, and Afghan Hound Club of Argentina. Also a former member of the Advisory Committee to the F.C.A.’s Board of Directors, and a former member of the Airedale Terrier Club of America & the American Miniature Schnauzer Club.

Has worked as translator at lectures, with: Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark, Mr. Rick Chashoudian, Mr. Frank Sabella, Mr. Ernest Sharp, Mr. Harry O’Donoghue, Mrs. Carole Weinberger, Mr. Peter Newman, Mr. Barry Day, Mrs. Madge Fish (chairman of the Education Committee of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America), Mrs. Rhonda Davis, Sra. Alessandra Franco, Mrs. Sylvia Hammarstrom, Mrs. Chris Levy (Education Committee of the Miniature Schnauzer Club of America), Mrs. Beverly Capstick, Mr. & Mrs. Derek Hyde, Mrs. Lydia Hutchinson, and Mr. John Constantine.

Other Canine Activities:

Has given lectures and chats in Kyoto (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Sydney & Tasmania (Australia), Lima & Arequipa (Peru), China, Ecuador, Buenos Aires and in most of the provinces of Argentina where they have canine activities on the themes: Introduction to dogs, Movement: a fundamental element in judging show-dogs, Judging Terriers, Handling, Trimming, The Bull Terrier, Lakeland vs. Welsh, Comprehension of Standards of all three Schnauzers, Origins of Fox Terrier and interpretation of the standard, The Terrier Group. Furthermore, have had the honour for the last 10 years, to be especially invited by the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Buenos Aires to give an annual lecture Introduction to Canine World for future Veterinarians. Also Introduction to the Canine World for Veterinarians at the Ateneo Veterinario de Buenos Aires, and Terriers: Peculiarities of hard-coats (Coprovet, Buenos Aires). Has written articles for magazines and journals, among them ‘Montgomery County K.C. through the eyes of a South American lady’ (published in Dog News), ‘Schnauzers: a right decision’, ‘Doing the Dog Game…’, ‘Technical knowledge: a fundamental element in the dog world’.

Has interviewed top dog people, i.e.: Frank Sabella, Jeffrey Pepper, Jim Reynolds (for prestigious magazines in Brazil & Argentina).

Has given technical advice on and co-conducted a TV show called FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS, with special emphasis on canine world activities. This show reached all of Argentina and neighbouring countries (2001).

Breeding Experience:

Former breeder of American Cocker Spaniels since 1974 and Maltese since 1987 under the kennel name ‘Winning Way’s’

Former breeder of Lakeland Terriers since 1988 & Bichon Frises since 1990, under kennel name ‘Special’

Former breeder of Yorkshire Terriers since 1985 under the kennel name ‘Nagual’

Currently breeding Airedale Terriers since 1985 under the kennel name ‘Nagual’. Also, Miniature Schnauzers and Wire Fox Terriers since 1988, Wirehaired Mininature Dachshunds since 1993, Welsh Terriers since 1998, and Chinese Crested Dogs since 2005, under kennel name ‘Special’.

The breeding in the above breeds has yielded numerous champions and all breed Best in Show winners, with dogs exported to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia. One of the homebred Airedales, FENOMENO DE NAGUAL, is, to date, the first and one of only two Argentine bred dogs, any breed, to earn its British & American championship.

Other Data:

She has successfully counselled numerous canine and professional activities. Besides that, she is a pro singer, having been trained in opera and lyrical singing at the ‘Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon’, Buenos Aires. At present time, she sings with ‘En Camino…’, a duet that performs Argentine folk music.

foto-birgitta-hasselgren-2006MRS BIRGITTA HASSELGREN, SWEDEN
I have been involved with dogs since I was a teenager, and have bred West Highland White Terriers for fifty years. When I started, I also had a Scottish Terrier, and have always had at least one Scottie with the Westies. Black and white forever. My daughter Catharina is a partner nowadays and she does all the trimming and handling. We are successful with our Westies and have also exported dogs to many countries.
I started judging forty years ago and have judged in most countries in Europe, several times in USA and Australia, also in Great Britain where I judged few Terrier breeds, and my own breed nine times and was proudly the first non British judge to judge Crufts. I have also judged at five World Shows. I have been to Croatia before and look forward to coming back.